ATC for featured airports

Hey, can I ask how you guys pick the airports you control when they’re far away from each other, like Thursday? Do you guys just do the first one on the list or what?

Great job by the way

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Random or where there are inbounds

Ok, so n Thursday Rome and Geneva will most likely be your go too’s

And ltba in Turkey

Yes but that has no inbounds right now.

It depends on the individual controller’s preference.

Questions like these are why the schedule thread was closed.

We don’t know who will be controlling at a given future time or where they’ll be.

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Ok, sorry about it. I just want to plan my long haul flight for Thursday.

You and many others, but we don’t have a crystal ball. Sorry.

As mentioned, withing the featured airports, IFATCs can take their pick. Some pick an airport because they like it, or know it. Many check first if another IFATCs want to close an airport after their time has finished; and they take over. We also look at the number of inbound aircrafts we see for an airport, so we can ‘bring in’ the inbounds.

But…as mentioned, it’s by no means fixed, and therefore impossible to predict with any serious accuracy.

Ok, so your looking at the most popular airports in the featured list, so like I said, Geneva and Rome.

Tyler chooses the “regions/countries” and they vary on a weekly basis. Some weeks he may repeat a certain country or region but he tries to not make it repetitive. He also works with Misha who coordinates the Friday Night Flight (FNF) so that there is a seamless flow from one day to the next. Keep in mind when we receive the anticipated South America imagery, you’ll be sure to see more days exploring and learning about this area. Can’t wait to see what South America has to offer!