ATC for beginners

Hi there,

today I wants to recommend a website for beginners in ATC.
Before Infinite Flight had the update with live ATC, I looked for learning ATC skills. A lot of websites wants a registration, money or aren’t good.
I found a good website. I know that this website is really general, and has not the same commands like Infinite Flight, but for beginners it’s okay.
It is very general and you control Ground and Tower. I can recommend this site.
Check it out! :D


very cool & addictive


wow I’ve been atc for months on the playground server and this game is fun. This totally needs to be a requirement to be an ATC for playground ( it will get rid of the troll act’s) and also make playground much more funner


For a normal ATC at Playground this should be only a little “warming up”…

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So I’ve had The simulator for two years. I have served as an ATC. On FSX and other PC. Sims. How do I start controlling on the playground?

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This link isn’t working for me

Its very easy, make sure your connected on the playground server and click the menu on the right and click atc and then click the station you want to run. Being ATC on Playground doesn’t have any requirments, everyone can join it :)

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Thank you. I’m using it now. Is there a way to know your ratings?

beatifull site had fun!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I suggest using the PG server for ATC practice, start of with smaller fields and work up from there. That’s not to say this website isn’t beneficial, looks like a useful tool for novices.