ATC Flight Poaching?

More than once while I’ve been guiding flights in on an ILS Approach, I’ve had flights contacted by Tower to switch frequencies before they’re on the ILS. I’m sure the Tower controller was bored with the lack of traffic, but that doesn’t seem to be helpful to either the Approach controllers or the flights requesting guidance. Granted, I’m somewhat of a novice, working in the ATC playground, but is this correct behavior or am I missing something?

You are correct. One small issue we have is that the tower controller may not know an approach controller logged in. That said, those on the playground rarely know the rules and contact pilots from the tower while still appropriately under the control of approach. It happened to me yesterday as I was flying around checking the ATC experience there.

You should stay with approach until you have acquired the ILS at a 30-45 degree angle and handed off.


Thanks for the feedback! Overall it’s been a great experience thus far.

I encountered the same issue frequently in playground server and almost no way to do.

For developers, is it possible to make a label data when pilots requested ILS or FF for controllers who don’t have jurisdiction of the flight in order to let them know those pilots are provided some kind of service by another ATC?

Another issue for tower controllers is that sometimes approach controllers send pilots to a runway which might be open, but which the tower isn’t wanting to use, for traffic reasons. In real life, would approach and tower be able to communicate with each other? I would expect so… Could that be made possible here?


Yes, in real life control, tower uses hotline or normal ringdown telephone to coordinate with approach and center.
Especially for runway in use, it’s always coordinated between tower and approach.
In IF, I normally observe which runway that tower selects and follow his decision, especially when both runways are in orange color.

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