ATC Final Question

Hi everyone I have a question what does ( number 2 traffic to follow is on final) mean I’m not sure anybody knows .

Thank you

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Your sequenced behind the person who is on final do you follow them as they go along


Number 2, traffic to follow on final, means that you are the 2nd aircraft in the sequence to land on that runway, and the aircraft that you are following is on final approach.


Ok so that means that I’ll land second after the other aircraft

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Yes you will follow them and land after them

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Also next time please post here.


Great that answers my question 😄👍🏽

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Ok sorry about that

As an add on that means you are responsible for separation from them and need to leave an appropriate amount of space for both of you to land. If you don’t maintain spacing you’ll get a go around and/or cause more work for the controller.

It means you are the number 2 in the queue to the runway.
There must be a number 1 before you and perhaps a number 3 behind you.

@Armani_B, it’s clear from the volume of posts that you should probably head Julius’ advice from the other thread before proceeding to do too many more flights on Expert.:

I’m sure the desire to “graduate” from the training server is strong, and the lack of cohesion and consistency among controllers there makes it hard to learn all these things, but if you don’t spend some time on basic principles first, via the tutorials, it’s really only a matter of time before you’re relegated there again (at least for a week).

No one is opposed to helping, but I would suggest your learning curve is best suited for TS at the moment. That’s not a slight, I know it’s hard to figure out what’s “proper” communication on TS with ATC because it’s all over the place, but while you learn basics like sequencing and patterns and requiring clearance to land, it is probably best not to expose yourself to a report borne of lack of understanding. Clearly, your intent is to do right, so you should be fine in the near future on Expert, but I’d hate to see you accumulate reports while still learning basic principles.


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