ATC final approach

When using atc, I’m not sure what straight in, left traffic and right traffic means so can someone please help me.



Look at this, on the diagram it’s left traffic as the airport/runway is to the left of the aircraft. Straight in is just coming straight in for the runway.

If you were to come in with the airport to the right then it will be right traffic. Basic instructions I know but it’s easy to understand.


First post answers your question


Well done for asking the right questions!

Have you seen the IF tutorials on YouTube? There’s lots of good info there.

Perhaps you can be more specific with your question, to prevent us from given answers to questions you don’t have. Are you departing, arriving, doing patterns, going around?

In general, left/right traffic, straight in, is how you will be flying towards the ILS cone. Going straight in means that you are more or less flying straight in, no big turns needed. Left traffic means, you need to make left turns to arrive at the ILS cone/start of the runway. See the picture from Chatta above.

Hope this helped. If not, try and become more specific with your query.


If you want to practice responding to ATC, let me know and I’ll help you out!


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