ATC Filtering

It is undoubted that Infinite Flight is one of the most advanced flight simulators on the mobile platform. With this in mind, there is a learning curve present especially for those new to the game as there are so many elements to the game. One issue which most people new to the game and even those familiar with the game face is being able to communicate effectively on ATC frequency. This is definitely illustrated in the Training Server which is usually congested with players who spam an ATC command in hope to get in the air as quick as possible or to seek a response from a controller. What I am proposing to fix this issue is what I would call ATC filtering.

The idea behind ATC filtering is that Infinite Flight will filter all ATC communication between the pilots and controller through sequencing each message. The system would determine which messages would reach ATC based on an aircraft’s position on a taxiway or airfield and how many aircraft are ahead of them. For example, if an aircraft which is third in line for take off requests permission to take off in advance, the message will be completely blocked from ATC until they are 1st in line. The earlier message will then be forwarded onto the controller. When it comes to managing aircraft landing, the system will also sequence traffic from a 20NM range to help determine when it is safe for aircraft to take off. This fix would apply to ONLY active Tower frequencies at an airfield due to ground frequencies being easier to manage. Unicom frequencies will not be affected by this and all broadcasted messages will remain unfiltered.

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It’s a steep learning curve, not curb 😂… anyway, the idea is a good one but removes the job of the ATC operator. TS1 pilots are there to learn and won’t actually learn how to conduct realistic communications while being sympathetic of others.

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hahaha couldn’t agree more

My Review On This Feature:


I can definitly see this on expert, but that is why some commands as you previously stated below

are in the “broadcast” or “misc”. option! For example, “Please only request takeoff when first in line”. TS1 however, is mainly for training purposes for pilots to improve their skill on using ATC and flying. Whats the point of having the system block out messages…That teaches the pilot anything rather then if you send this message when your not suppose to it will be blocked. Expert for example, the message won’t. The pilot would then be confused. Blocking out messages rather then telling the pilots to request takeoff when first in line in my opinion, won’t help the situation It is better for the pilot to learn from ATC, rather then blocking out the messages because the pilot wouldn’t know whats happening. For sequencing however, thats your decision, not the systems decision. Its man’s choice, not computers. Sequencing aircrafts is why we have the pattern instructions. The system shouldn’t be the one to decide, it is always man’s or women’s choice to determine if its safe to land and I think that’s another thing… We have pattern instructions, and telling aircrafts to follow each other is safer for departing aircrafts so they don’t have to worry about incoming traffic that the system would initially decide… It puts the controllers job way easier to have a pattern for departing and arriving aircrafts

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This would be a good feature for casual :). Unicom isn’t that great with takeoff procedures and commands

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Very well written request! This sounds like a pretty complex system - might be hard to implement. Otherwise, it sounds great. Another thing which might be really helpful is messages sent by pilots get filtered by earliest sent to most recent, so that when ATC gets a lot of requests at one time, they know who to reply to first therefore less duplicate requests. Just something you could think about…

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