ATC Feeds

Hai! I have been on for quite a while now and I realised that some ATC feeds tend to cut off halfway thru and some not even making any sound for a whole hour. Hence, my question is, which ATC feed is the busiest and if possible, what time is the most busiest period for the feed?

You can see the top 10 feeds. Usually they’re the busiest. :)

Hmm? Any airports that you can recommend? :P

KEWR tower is always very busy.

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KJFK and KLAX are busy during daytime and early night hours. I really like listening to both north/south LAX towers at the same time.

EHAM DEP/APP and EHAM TWR, there are always pilots that talk on theese frequenties

Depending on the network I’m connected to I frequently need to refresh the audio feed by pressing stop and play again.

KATL is the busiest. Right now would be a great time to listen :)

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