ATC Feedback

Hi guys I flew from EDDF to EGLL and I wanted some feedback on how I did with ATC if I said the right things here is the replay Share My Infinite Flight


Were you speedbird 210?

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Yes I was speedbird 210 :) @SamB777

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Got it. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you’re doing a full stop landing, announce inbound for landing instead inbound for touch and go.

  • You don’t need to announce you’re already on left downwind since you’ve already got your clearance. This complicates the situation since the ATC needs to clear you for landing again. Just announce inbound for landing next time.

Hope you’ll do better next time! Have a great day! ;)


Thank you so much. Sometimes it’s just better to ask someone form help than reading the flying manual again 🤩

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