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Hello. Just wondering if any of you could observe me. I’m on ATC Ground and Tower at KNUC on Training Server 1 - I would love some feedback so I can improve.



I’ll come. Havent been on TS in nearly a month so this may be scary.

Sequencing? You gave me a base call but no sequencing?

Due to heavy traffic no inbounds? There is two inbounds and 4 waiting to takeoff. That isnt much.

What do you mean?

I will come and have a look

Never mind. The reason i said i was on final lime 5 times was because you gave me no landing clearance. I was hovering over the runway at 50 feet with no clearance. That’s why i went around.

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What do you say I need to do to improve?

Ok feedback time.

I know there is a bug on Training server one making sequencing not heard but it still would of been nice to receive some. Saying ill call your base isn’t sufficient sequencing. I only heard you give it to one or two other aircraft.
My second point that you might want to improve is landing clearance. I announced final multiple times and you said roger to my announcements but I didn’t get clearance until i was almost over the runway. One time you even completely didn’t give me any landing clearance.
My last point was using immediate take-off. You cleared me for immediate takeoff for no reason. There was no traffic on final but you still told me to takeoff immediately.

Otherwise you were pretty good and improving on little things may get you to expert level. Just please give me landing clearance either if i’m on a long final or before i turn base. That go around didn’t make me to happy. Thanks for the service and i hope you implement my advice.

Hello. Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate it - I have learnt so much!

But one thing I am unsure of is this:

Can I give the pilot pattern instructions rather than sequencing?

I know sequencing puts the pilot incharge of spacing, but sometimes (especially on the Training Server) the pilot doesn’t understand/cooperate with that so I find it easier (especially when they are on a downwind) to tell them to extend downwind and that I’ll call their base when necessary if there is traffic on final.

I usually give sequencing if the aircraft is on final (i.e. going straight in)


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Yes if a aircraft is in the pattern you give them sequencing not pattern instructions. Call your base is used when it is hard to keep the pilots from seperating manually. I know you may of adapted your controlling for TS users but its probably best to continue with normal sequencing and instructions.

Ok, first of all you should ld sequence every plane in your airspace, once on expert them will follow the procedure…

For example :
Plane xx, enter right downwind xx, number 3 , traffic to follow is on right base

Or for patterns:

Flight xx, number 4 traffic to follow is on left downwind.

If you have them in a good flow, start clearing them, number one, two and so on

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Isn’t it normally used to get more space for departures? Seperating planes isn’t the duty of the tower…


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