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Hello fellow pilots!
Hope all is well during these times.

I have made this topic because in recent times I have noticed what seems to be more and more rushed controlling by ATC on the expert server, not all the time, but still often.

A few examples I would like to share:
in the last few days/weeks, I have had to go around a couple of times due to other pilots being cleared for takeoff, or even cleared to cross the active whilst I am on final approach at an altitude of around 1000 feet or less. This results in them entering the runway, and still being on it by the time I get to minimums.

I have seen the massive takeoff queues and totally understand the urge to get people off the ground, so maybe creating more space between arrivals would be something to consider in the future?

Don’t get me wrong, IFATC do such an amazing job, especially when the whole server is flying into the same airport! I would like to thank them for that :)
I just thought I would point out this issue.

Stay home, stay safe!


As a part of IFATC, I completely understand what you’re experiencing. With this virus, we have a big increase in ATC and that means less experienced atc. Supervisors, mods and us IFATC are trying our best to raise the level back and even higher if possible as soon as possible!


They’re trying their very hardest to keep up with the amount of traffic that is coming into their airspace. There are so few of them and so many of us. Go arounds will become more common with more traffic. We just have to follow their instructions and respect them.


Yeah I bet it is quite busy at the moment!

Yes, but my point is, there’s a lot more space in the sky, so maybe creating more separation between them will allow departures to be squeezed out in a safer manner :)

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If you had a problem with a specific controller. Just pm them and give them feedback. We are happy to hear on how we can improve.

I don’t have a problem with any controller, it is just in general

We try to get everyone in and out as fast as possible. I know yesterday I had to give a few go arounds because arrivals werent following speed commands. It’s an aircrafts responsibility to also aid in this. How? Don’t take forever when a controller says immediate takeoff. Don’t approach a runway at 200kt. Hopefully this will aid in expediting everyone 😊


Yes I agree with you that is sometimes an issue as well, this topic can also be something to take on board (if you excuse the pun) for everyone, not just atc

Thank you for the report. We use information like this along with replays to identify potential training items to discuss with the team.

With everyone being at home the volume on the server has increased. With that comes an undo pressure of trying to not impose undo delay for pilots. When you see a line of 10+ on the ground you try to push the limit to get planes out and sometimes it causes a go around. Often times this is where pilots learn where the limit is and they adjust.

In a busy airspace always plan for a go around by including extra fuel as needed.


As a new IFATC member, I can see the issues you see. Like @Captain_Zen has said, we saw a tremendous amount of newer IFATC members. The group always encourages new members to open smaller airports and build from there, but people also like ATC at their arriving airport so we have been trying to fill those as much as possible. I personally limit myself and haven’t opened very large airports yet. Lastly, with the virus, we are seeing a ton of pilots flying, more than in summer right now, and that is causing destinations to become unrealistically dense with arrivals and departures. Hope you understand. We at IFATC are trying our hardest to be the best we can be.


Yeah I can imagine the traffic, personally I will happily stay flying the plane haha

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The old adage of controllers at KDCA is to “tighten them up until you get a go-around and then back off a bit and you will have perfect spacing on final.” Happens IRL at fields all the time. Add unrealistic traffic at a “hub” in IF, coupled with pilots who love Realism™ based 200kt approaches, and you will have plenty of go-arounds.


MaxSez: “Bolicks”!
No excuse for a “ RWay Incursion””!
Airport loading is a fact of life in the RW and IF, Virus or no Virus! “If you can’t hack the pace get out of the race”.
(Don’t responded or circle the wagons. Max knows, “Been there Done That”.

(We need “Centers & Holding Patterns” to cull the leaderless herd.)

@calsy2311… MaxSez: “Well Said, Spot On!”


I think another key helper is when ATC says ‘maintain slowest practical speed’ and you’re in a 320/738… that doesn’t mean 180kts. It means slowest you can safely maintain unless you’re told otherwise.

Traffic is busy at the moment, very busy. But you don’t NEED to fly to/from the hubs. There are so many other airports (7today that aren’t YMML) that have very little traffic… some zero. Most less than 10% of the traffic at the main hub.

Go explore and share the love to other controllers :)


Well said! This is so true, its hard for new controllers to develop experience with traffic unless they control at the main hubs.

Thing is, then you’ll have more planes on delay vectors or in holding patterns having the same effect as a long departure queue except those guys have finite amounts of fuel. So, it wouldn’t really be much better. I do understand what your saying but obviously, with the ongoing global pandemic, there are more people than ever on the servers, like mentioned above.


It’s just an increase in pilots. The quality of ATC has most likely went down because there are so many arrivals. I’ve experienced similar but you can’t blame the ATC. Thanks to the ATC for sticking through these busy times!

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Building off what was said above. Maintain slowest practical speed does not mean take off 5 knots


MaxSez: The Example & Thrust of this Topic is “Runway Incursion”.
Yet the responses deflect & continually go “Off Topic”. Let’s stay on point. Save the Tutorials. Solve the problem as cited!

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