ATC Feedback

I am active KSFO Tower and Ground right now. Going to have my IFATC Exam soon.

Would be great if some IFC people could do some pattern work and give me some feedback. Thanks!


You should maybe make a proper tracking thread instead of just saying you are open:) I’ll get the link for you in just a second

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There you have the correct way to set it up, remember do not make planes crash

SFO (and LAX / EGLL) is a tough place to get feedback because you tend to get a lot of random folks showing up.

Also strange you are operating the airport against the wind. A 5kn tailwind isn’t a lot but given the choice why not use 28s and 1s? That is the typical use of the airport.

That said I’ll come fly a few patterns.


I was usually at Brussels because many people that spawn also want to land where there is atc, so there you can get people from Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt

At Brussels there are also not many people meaning they are probably from the IFC

1L Departure
1R Arrival / Pattern work

Also so you know, for people doing pattern you must clear them for the option and not to land, because of you clear them to land you almost forces them to stop

Hey @AlexG,

it seems that you already have a tracking thread open:

You can stay there, just update the title to [OPEN] when you control and [CLOSED] when done controlling. Thank you for your understanding!


Yeah of course

Ah there it is. Not sure where to find it again. Accidentally closed the tab xD

I guess we should get someone to close this now

Please continue in your existing tracking thread.