ATC Feature Request / Observation

This might belong in the feature requests category, but that seems to be pretty pilot centric (vs ATC) so posting here. Feel free to recategorize if appropriate and I’ll note that for the future.

As a new ATC controller, I notice that a lot of pilots report ready for takeoff with the intention to remain in the pattern. In my limited experience (~ 1,100 ops) most of those “remaining in the pattern” in fact depart the airspace. Checking the comms UI from the pilot side “remain in the pattern” is the first option which I think is causing pilots (esp. less experienced pilots) to select that option by default.

Since most pilots are actually not remaining in the pattern, I recommend switching the order to making “departing…” the first option. Psychologically people are prone to pick the first / default option, especially when uncertain.

This would benefit controllers by reducing workload by assigning a pattern direction, providing more info re. departure direction and reducing confusion re. pilots departing when they were in theory remaining in the pattern.



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