ATC Extreme Range


Since a few days I can somehow contact anchorage and Oakland oceanic frequency even tho I’m in Europe… and sometimes Paris Center, London Center or other atc tell me to change to Washington or JFK frequency even though im like 3000 nm away

As for the first part, no idea why you can do that.

But for the second, is that the training server? The ATC haven’t received any training so don’t necessarily know not to do that.

First part: same happened to me I uninstalled the game then reinstalled and it fixed

Second part: the same happens to me on the training server, sometimes I am “near” EGLL and I have the tower saying I should tune into frequency even tho I am in the Arrival frequency it’s normal people are still learning in the training server, so am I, every day I learn new things around ATC

ATC in Training Server usually does not know what they are doing, or they try some things out to learn, so it’s not a surprise that they onguard some aircraft that are out of their airspace, which doesn’t happen in the Expert Server. You can have a look at the “ATC Communication” section in the Flying Guide to learn how to communicate professionally with ATC. All the essentials that you’d need in the Expert Server are listed in this guide.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding ATC.

The first one (the PAZA one) is a well known bug, the second one I’m not sure

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