ATC (expert)

Just hid grade 3 and was really looking forward to being atc for the expert servers but it says I don’t have access any idea how I can gain access?

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you need to be part of ifatc to control in expert

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IFATC. They are a group of controllers. You must try out.

Ok how do I try out

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Contact a recruiter, you then take the test, and if you pass you get to be part of the IFATC. I highly recommened you to study before this though. It will make the chances of you passing the test WAY more higher.

What should I study

Go to the infinite flight YouTube channel and take a look at their ATC playlist. It also helps to open a tracking thread in #atc to gain some experience.

You can contact a recruiter to be a part of IFATC, and if you need help with ATC, you can always contact a ATC trainer.
To make things easier for, you can contact @anon66442947 😂 for recruitment and if you want training then you can contact @Trio or @jakcharvat these guys are great and you’ll be IFATC in no time with their help

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Though a trainer closer to home might be better. This guy is from Dublin. Amazing city.

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You can also find the videos to train at

You posted the same link I gave him.😁