ATC (Expert) @ ZSPD (Shanghai) - 26/10/2018

I would like to make this thread to personally apologise to anyone either on the ground at Shanghai or approaching it, for the slow replies and brief lack of IFATC around 1630-1645Z. My wifi had gone off for 5 minutes, and as there was no one else available to take control, I was left with a very large backlog of aircraft when my wifi returned. I am sorry to anyone on the ground who was left waiting for quite a while, as I had a whole flotilla of messages to get through. Additionally, I noticed that I had a lot of repeat messages, after I returned, despite a ‘gate hold’ and ‘long taxi’ and ‘event’ atis in enforcement when I came back. Please be patient, we will get to you ASAP. We have not forgotten about you. I would however like to thank the aircraft on approach who managed to decently sort themselves out for easier sequencing upon my return. Thank you to you guys, you made it easier to sort everyone out.

IFATC 2003iggy.


Love this.

You’re a great controller, please keep doing what you’re doing.


Hey in a situation were by am on ground waiting for taxi clearance and the ATC is not responding for a long time should I park again and turn the engine off or just sit and wait.

If you have already done your pushback, just wait with engines on, as the ATC may, at any time, tell you to taxi, and you run the risk of being ghosted if the airport is very busy, and you are waiting for your engines to turn on. Also, in real life, aircraft would always have their engines turned on at all time after pushback.


Thank you very much.

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