ATC expert service

How I can use ATC expert service.,

Hi mate! In order to become ATC on the expert server, you must join IFATC! They are a group of highly trained controllers and you can always start the application process! You go through a few exams, and possibly open a feedback thread on the IFC to see how you can become better and finally join them. The guidelines for an application and requirements are here. Hope this helps!


@Stailak. MaxSez: “Use” is the operative term here. Reach Grade 3 and yr in like Flynn. Regards Ponyo, Max Sends


I’m grade 3

@Stailak are you trying to be IFATC?

I’m still training

But are you wishing to control on the expert server?

Yes wish to control on the expert server

If you’re trying to become IFATC, west jet provided the link with all the information needed when you contact a recruiter. I recommend you make sure you have all the valid information & provide it to the recruiter. Good luck & hope to see you soon in IFATC! 🙂


You already hold atc tracking thread for while and you mention you are practising before. You really didn’t know about IFATC for this long? I think you need to read more before opening thread.

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I’m just asking 😬

No worries man send one of the other recruiters or myself a PM when you are ready.


Thank you
I will when I’m ready

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