ATC expert server

Is someone know ‏ how do I become to be an ATC in expert sever? I keep trying and it’s writing to me “no ATC access on expert server” what should I do? 🙏

Have a look at this post 😊


Hi there,

@Manav_Suri pointed you where to go and begin the recruiting process.

You’ve been on this forum for just over a month and you want to be an Expert Server controller (IFATC). As you’re still quite new and I would highly recommend to first spend time understanding this community, familiarize yourself with the Pilot and ATC tutorials, view the YouTube clips for pilots and IFATC. Read the ATC manual .

Become a good pilot first; give way to others, don’t taxi at ridiculous speed, know when to turn on your strobes, know how to approach an airport via downwind , know how to exit across a parallel runway and how to transition through an airspace . Stuff like that.
Then, with that knowledge, first become a good controller on Training Server. Serve the pilots on TS, build your experience and your Operations.

Then, with that experience, start an ATC tracking thread, to get good feedback from experienced pilots, and build on your experience.

Then, after some controlling, you apply for your IFATC, and there will be a good chance you pass.

The journey towards IFATC matters.

Have fun!