ATC Expert Server - SoCal - approx 13:50 to 14:40 Zulu (9OCT)

Here’s the story…your thoughts?

This is an overview of my flight route flown. It began when I received the call to hold at Palomar after being told I was receiving radar vectors to Ramona. But that was fine…it was busy. (1)

10 minutes of circling and a controller change. So I state my intentions to land at runway 09 at Ramona to the new controller (2)

(Just before being instructed to descend after controller change)
I receive instruction to descend almost immediately (3) and then turn to 210. At this point I assumed I was being lined up for my approach to Ramona.
When I receive my next instruction to turn I soon realised my destination was not Ramona.(4)

After being delayed for over 10 minutes I thought, to hell with it, i’ll call a touch and go at KSAN runway 09 (5) and hopefully be instructed to make left traffic after the option, then I can land at Ramona on the opposite intended runway. The call came as hoped. However I am suddenly aware that I am almost on final and I hear the controller clear an aircraft for take off and the next to line up and wait. Then the call comes in to maintain slowest practical.(6)

On short final, under 1000ft, Autopilot and approach engaged the dreaded call comes in…

(7) Go around. 😳😱. I quickly re calibrate, disengage autopilot, pull up and bank left. At that point I didn’t hear the instruction after “go around”…I was planning making left traffic, so I just made left traffic then got palmed off to Approach.

I violent climb to 2600ft and a request for vectors to my original destination of Ramona later and the call came in that it wasn’t possible at that time and I got hand balled back to KSAN tower. (8)

As you can see from the KML file data, I did eventually make it to Ramona.

Im not sure why I wasn’t told I was receiving radar vectors to KSAN after stating once to two controllers of my intentions to land at Ramona. Or why the call didn’t come back “unable, expect vectors for KSAN” after I stated my intentions. Or why it took me descending to 650ft on short final, to be told to go around and only then was I finally told that vectors to Ramona were unavailable and to proceed on course.

Maybe someone can enlighten me :)

Next time you could pm an atc moderator with stuff like this with questions or trying to find a controller no need to make a topic

I did

4 days ago.

No reply.

*Hence the date of the 9th of October

Who did you PM, and who was the controller?

I sent it to Joe. Added Carson. Just forwarded to Tyler.

I had 3-4 controllers that flight. Couldn’t tell you now that it was 4 days ago. That’s why I put the date, time in the title. Hopefully along with the region and airports, they may be able to figure out and tell me what happened. My thought was, I was requesting an airport to close to KSAN, which was overly congested and it was assumed (or taken that I obviously should have known) that landing at Ramona was out of the question. But I dunno…

Carson is a forum mod. Great for forum stuff, not so for ATC.

It does not work like this. On initial contact ATC should either confirm an approach/radar vectors request, or be denyed ‘Airport is out of coverage area’ or ‘Unable at this time, proceed on course’.

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I know carson is a forum mod, but I added him on the original message to Joe more as a “cc” so there was someone else in the loop

These PM’s can get buried sometimes…

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