ATC expert level

Hi Guys
Just wondering if I am able to apply for ATC expert, I know some things but I forgot How to check your percentage between landings and time spent doing ATC.

Are you on beta or 20.1? The interface to get to the grade table is a bit different between them.

A screenshot of your grade table would help :)

here we go sorry :)

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That looks good to me :) Still better to confirm with an IFATC member we though.

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Check this out to see to see if you do qualify

Oh la la, your violation to landings ratio is 0.0 which is absolutely perfect. Yep, if you got enough operations (500) you should be ready to apply

Thank you just because I have enough to play in grade two to be honest no-one care about the rules

Yes I have almost 800 :):)

Brilliant! Hope to see you in IFATC team soon ;)

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Then you can apply :) Hope to see you controlling soon

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ththanks guys

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