ATC Experiences

Hello All, Today I took a spin in the pilot seat of my 777-2ER, Later I also took a Spin as ATC and Canberra on the Playground Server… Where I noticed some hiccups… From People not following instructions of ATC to bizzare fligh paths… I want to know what’s the strangest, annoying, funniest, etc. moments you’ve had as an Air Traffic controller and try add pictures of you have any! :)

You wouldn’t believe some of the craziest callsigns I’ve seen while controlling.

Once, in the advanced server, some dude with the callsign of “YourMomIsHeavy” showed up in LCY. Started cracking me up like nuts.

I have other stories that I’ll post here later… if I can remember them.


Don’t even get me started… I can tell you 1,000 stories about a typical day on the playground server


Go for it knock yourself out! Haha

Please Do, it’d be nice to hear :)

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The funniest call sign I’ve heard was “food stamps.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

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There are some quite immature people it seems on Infinite Flight Live then haha, some innuendos to be made…

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Usually I’d say Illuminati Confirmed, but hmm… It’s a perfect triangle


we’ll never mind about the other one just finished my flight and along the way guess what I found XD

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What did you find?

Look at the photos I posted

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I’ve just noticed haha, I may go on Infinite Flight now and do some
ATC-Ing on the Playground server see what I’m greeted with today…

Ok I ill join for 15 min what are you going to be controlling today?

I’ll have a go at controlling Los Angeles Center first then depending on how I do, or if another airport needs a controller then I will do that

Oh ok man maybe tomorrow when your atc I’ll fly in your airspace just let me know and I’ll join anyways good night man

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So just had a stint as ATC at San Clemente Island on the Playground… Was going great had pattern work going and everything was running smoothly, but then pilots would join and do what they please and with me being insufficiently ranked, I couldn’t report this behaviour…

I have some ATC controlling pictures. I don’t think I have a lot of experiences because 9/10 pilots follow my instructions.

I have spotted players though.

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Idiots on TS1…

dude took off 07R after ASKING TO and I’ll admit it took me a long time to find the command. But I told him to contact ground, and he was already doing 150 knots…

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