Atc event İn LTFJ

Hi guys👋
İ applied İFATC and I want to practice. I am planning Event İn LTFJ. This event in Training Server. İf you want to come you can take Pegasus and Turkish airlines livery. There has a lot of choices for Fly-in/out for LTFJ. You can do pattern works too. İf you will come this event please write.
Atc will be on at 19:00 GMT+3
İ Hope You can join event
Good Day☺️


Hello there!
I am happy to hear that you’ve applied to join the ATC team!
The best way to practice your ATC skills would be through an ATC Tracking thread. This keeps it more organized and easier to identify for attendees.
I’ve linked a tuturial on how to make these below for your convenience:

Best of luck on the rest of the recruiting/joining process, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

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I land on my long haul in about 2 hours I might stop by on my other device

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Thank you very much ☺️

Ill come down for a flight as well. Good luck on your IFATC journey!

İ see you but i closed atc because of trolls start trolling sorry for that :(


Check the information in the highlighted post above. Thanks!