ATC etiquette

When and ATC said I’m sorry answering you’re welkome is the best option or is better thank you? As you uderstand english is not my mother language


There is really no command meant for that response yet so, it may be more realistic not to respond at all in that case.

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I would say thank you to them but as @Blizzard said there is no real command for that so either use whichever you see fit or don’t reply to it

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It seems rude not to answer

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If you respond “I’m sorry.” to an advanced air traffic controller after making a mistake, they usually won’t relply (as there is no command that fits this need yet). They would simply just continue with their instructions.

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it wolud be nice have a “no problem” command

I believe that has been requested before as an “It’s ok.” command but, I can’t seem to find the topic.


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