ATC Error

Hello. I was approaching Athens Airport at 1639 Zulu. I was landing at runway 03R and then the Tower Frequency told me that when I’m able to exit the runway I have to turn left and contact ground. I contacted the ground frequency and I asked for clearence to Taxi to Parking and he told me to Taxi to runway 03R and I had approved the taxiing to runway 03R message by accident and then I asked him again to taxi to parking. He replied to me with the same message on taxiing to runway 03R and then I had exited the flight. I was an arrival aircraft

Training Server?

Hello there. Do you know who the ATC was?

Expert server

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Contact the controller! I will shoot him a dm.

Ok. So I checked the replay and it doesn’t seem to show the name for the controller. How can I see the name for the controller in the replay?

Which Airport again?

It says in the OP, Athens.

It seems that @Aviation-21 was controlling during time 16:39 Zulu.

This also happened to me at around same time. I asked for taxi to parking, he said taxi to 03R, but immediately after that correction, stand by and then taxi to parking. It was just a small mistake and this can happen sometimes in a busy airport.

Yes:) PM the controller, and he will let you know

He was not ghosted, read the topic again carefully.

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yup it was @Aviation-21 at that time. i took over after him around 18:30

Will be handled via PM