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I hope everyone doing fine & enjoying flying

I cannot imagine how ATC job is very stressful and sometimes they control so many planes more than their capacity.
And off corse mistakes will happen because it’s normal… However, sometimes the ATC warn me to follow the instructions or I will be ghosted, even though I did not do anything wrong and I’m following their instructions step by step.

I wish IF will add a new communication on misc messages just to say to the control that (I did not nothing wrong so please double check) . The reason I’m mention this is because waiting for a week after reported to play in the expert server is pretty long “especially if it’s wasn’t my mistake” or at least make the minimum reports for 3 Grade 2 reports or maybe 3.

I think this is a valid point and it should taken on concederation.

Finally big thanks to everyone who is working hard to make sure we enjoying flying :)

If you have any question for the ATC just look who it was and PM him :)

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This should be in #features. Just this little tidbit.

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Unfortunately there is an incredible amount of pilots that often think they’re doing everything right, but aren’t… I don’t blam theme it can be hard, though maybe they should look at themselves instead of criticising ATCs which have actually went through tests to ensure they know the procedures correctly 😉. Furthermore, this feature would most likely be abused by pilots and also used by people that think they’re right, in good faith, but they’re still wrong. There is already a so high amount of people that think ATCs make lots of mistakes so it would just increase that number. And no we actually don’t make that many…

If you have wrongfully been ghosted you can ask for it to be reversed. Though I do want to insist on this point which is that actually most of the time you ARE actually ghosted for a REASON and we do take several steps before ghosting and it’s pretty much impossible to ghost by mistake. You might not understand why you are ghosted, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been ghosted for no reason… I can’t remember the last time I’ve got to get a ghosting reversed… the only ones I remember is that I ghosted pilots that had connection issues and weren’t getting my messages. Though that is not a mistake I made. So it’s extremely rare if you ask me that a ghost appeal gets accepted simply because you aren’t ghosted for no reason. If you are chances are that controller won’t be controlling very long anyway… yes there are consequences on our side too so it means that it reduces even more the likelihood of mistakes being made

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In my opinion, we really need this. Sometimes ATC gets confused and warns pilots to listen to their instructions, even though they are. This happened to me before, exept I was flying on the training server. I know since its TS1, ATC will make mistakes, and even on expert they do. But at least there should be a mic message saying that you did nothing wrong. By doing this, they could improve in the future and make flying more fun for everyone.

And if you really wanted to, you could take it to a PM to discuss what that pilot or ATC did wrong.

It doesn’t exist in TS1😉… anyways if it happens that an atc gives you a PFI by mistake (rare but ok… buttons are small in my opinion) it’s not a problem. You don’t risk anything. It takes several steps to ghost and it’s not actually something we do like that and rush about it… also if you receive a PFI or a CHP I highly encourage you to make sure you actually made no mistakes. Sometimes it could be a little mistake that doesn’t lead to ghosting, but we just want to inform you to change that next time you fly. Do look at yourself, maybe you did genuinely make a little procedure error which you might not know of… there are soo many especially on app/dep which many don’t know of

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Thank you Zen for the clarification.

I’ve been playing this game since it first came out and I did so many mistakes in the online server when they startrd it. With that being said, with the time I learned the process very well addition to reading the guideline for communicating with the ATC. But that doesn’t mean the ATC control doesn’t make any mistakes 😉

It happened to me more than once actually I’m following the ATC instructions for the final approach and all the sudden I got warn to follow the instructions which I did. And you can see from the auto pilots bottoms which instructions you receive from the ATC.

As I said I understand how hard the ATC job could be, but even us as pilots sometimes we face this experience with the ATC and there is no communication could help us at that time.

And I agreed some pilots will abuse this situation but the ATC could ghost them if they are really not following the instructions.

Thanks for replying Zen and I appreciate ATC hard work :)

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This! Use it as a learning experience. I send the “check help pages” and “please follow instructions” and I hope people will learn what was wrong. If it is a misunderstanding, I would want to know too!

For example, this morning I was controlling at Honolulu. Pilot asked to depart remaining in the pattern. They took off, making right traffic. I cleared them for the option. They went to 9000 feet. I asked for intentions and then “check help pages.” They then asked to leave the airspace.

Did this person think they were doing anything wrong? I wish they would find me so that I can explain what a pattern is!


If you ever have an issue just contact the controller and speak with him/her directly…

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I totally understand mate

Sadly some pilots doesn’t take this game as serious as it should be or maybe a lack of knowledge and it makes your job very hard. Even me personally I’m amazed of how professional the ATCs are.

It’s a big conflict…!

I play this game almost everyday and I would say the ATC 99. 9% of the time are right… The problem I mentioned usually happens during events where there is a huge amount of planes to control.

I know I can communicate with the ATC afterwords but we need something to communicate at that moment… Especially if it was a long flight and I cannot wait to land “which the moment all the pilots are waiting for :)”

Appreciate your response @lurker keep up the good work 👍

I hear you out and yes at FNF’s and events traffic can get extremely heavy which may cause mistakes which is going to happen but having something over frequency saying “I did nothing wrong double check” is just chatter and unnecessary. Usually after a mistake is made the controller picks up on it and corrects themself. Plus, I feel that the message would be broadcasted a lot and for unnecessary reasons like if a pilot doesn’t understands something and that also falls under the chatter category on frequency. Also if there’s a mistake on the controllers end, the best thing to do is shoot them a PM. That’s one of the great things this forum has to offer. Anyways, that’s my thoughts on it.


like I said, you say it yourself, there are lots of incompetent pilots. I don’t need someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing to correct me…

I think we can all bear one mistake every 1000 flights😉. Mistake which is usually spotted and corrected and if there’s time (at least I do it) followed by an “I’m sorry” message.

You will don’t worry. I can’t think of a mistake which would lead to delaying you. The only thing I see is mainly on app that you could disappear and reappear as if you weren’t on my frequency which leads me to forgetting you. But is that really my fault? Plus you can already just remind me with “with you” if you’re going 60-70nm from the airport and haven’t heard from me from 15 minutes. (Do note to not abuse that…)

You already say it, it’s busy… what if you add dozens of pilots that start sending that message because they want to be first in line. No that’s not happening with me… it would just mean I now need to take several screenshots for each of those pilots and warnings and then ghost. Also remembering who are the ones I warned and who not.

You see it’s just creating problems and it actually doesn’t have much of a use at all. Is it a learning experience for the controller? Not really he already knows how to control just he might have been distracted. Furthermore even if he genuinely didn’t know (which now I’m wondering how he passed the tests…) how is it a better learning experience than just getting a pm at the end of the session? It isn’t.

Another problem I see is that there are already tooooooo many pilots making these topics pointing out “bad ATC”. Which in the end I’d say “bad pilot” to them if I wasn’t mature enough to figure out its pointless and disrespectful… the point is, making these topics takes a bit of time and effort so most would be lazy and not make them and just forget about it. Though pressing a button is pretty simple and isn’t time consuming. Trust me we would have an increase of these angry pilots. Not because the service is worse, but because it’s easier for them… still insisting on the fact that often times what they’re saying is actually wrong and just wasting our time.

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Can you imagine how many topics…

(Although, I think an exception could be made in the cases where pilots call out ATC in public. Maybe if the community-at-large started seeing the full story via replay, they’d stop taking everything at face value.

I promise the topics would dry up real fast.)

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It’s really ignorant to blame the piolts 100% of the time my friend.

Be open minded and everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately I might be one of few people who faced this experience and with 100% confidence I would say I did nothing wrong when I got warned. Other wise I would get ghosted.

Be more understandable in your future comments @Tim_B

It’s really ignorant to put words in my mouth.

I make mistakes.

But I promise you there is way more to the story than 99 percent of these threads include.

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Yes I may not sound open minded here… I agree.

Though when I face someone asking me to remove a ghosting I always give the benefit of doubt and always consider I’m wrong until I prove the contrary. Unfortunately I’ve always proven the contrary so I can say pretty confidently I don’t make as many mistakes as the pilots do. Statistically it’s very likely the pilot is wrong… at least from my observations.

Talking ghosting mistakes if it’s not clear. I do make mistakes, but I don’t recall any that lead to an invalid ghost


Off corse. Anyone could be a pilot in this game but not everyone can be an ATC. I agree there a huge gap of professionalism between piolts and ATC. I’m with you on that @Captain_Zen

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