Atc error then ghosted me

@Mark_Denton I have been ghosted by ATc after I requested to cross runway 22 in kpia. The atc Osborn requested I cross runway 33 and cleared me to do so. The tower had cleared a Lufthansa 747 for take off at the same time. I was ghosted due to collision. I followed atc instructions. Ua69 was call sign in emirates a380.

Can you please reverse the downgrade as this is unfair given instruction given.


@Osborn is your controller,pm him

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This may help -


Hello @John_White.
Thank you for your feedback.

I have reviewed the screen shot I have taken from the situation and you are fully correct. I have by mistake given you a “cross runway 31” that you correctly followed, when I meant to give you permission to cross runway 04. I issued the ghost in a fast manner due to, as you stated, departing aircraft.

I apologize for my mistake and I’ll see to that your ghost will be reversed ASAP.


You’ll ghosting shall be reversed as soon as possible. Thanks for explaining @Osborn 🙂