ATC error? Great job from the pilot


gr8 pilot…yea even i related this incident to the thing happened at tenerife of the b747


“The pilot, named He Chao, chose to accelerate and…” Nimrods have life saving skills then 🤔


He did a good job, he deserves the money.

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I’m not sure I would classify that at heroic. He was just doing his job.

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If you’ve read other sources you would know that it was the best decision because the aircraft was already too close to V1 speed to stop in time of where the aircraft was crossing. V1 is based on runway length and stopping ability with that runway length. Since the runway was essential shortened by an obstruction the only thing that could have been done was to use emergency thrust (100% thrust) in order to avoid a collision.


KLM must want that polit

I’m sure the 439 people who got to continue existing would say otherwise.


Tenerife avoided again


Just imagine looking out of the A330’s window.

The pilot did a great job.

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Depends on your definition of a hero. He did what any other accomplished pilot would do. Heroic is placing your own life on the line to save others.

So if a firefighter goes into a burning building and drags someone out who has passed out or something does that not make him a hero? I’d say getting people safely out of the burning building is part of his/her job, wouldn’t you? Of course the firefighter is gonna say they were just doing their job but I think the person they save would definitely consider them their hero. I don’t know how this relates aviation but that how I see it. Remember the saying: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Yep, in your example the firefighter is a hero. He risked his own life to save another. Classic example of a hero.

The Chinese pilot was saving his own skin in addition to the other crew and passengers of both jets. He wasn’t placing his life in danger as it was already being threatened. Splitting hairs? Perhaps.

Isn’t that what nimrods do? 100% thrust, be it emergency or not 🤔, full throttle every time 😅

Guys!!why in this place every argument is a reason to fight?? Chill and enjoy!


Using 100% thrust in an emergency in real life isnt being a nimrod, the nimrod is someone who wouldnt use 100% when needed.


No argument, just open discussion! Thats what the forums are for right? No bad blood here…well at least not in this thread :)

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