I will be controlling tower and ground at EHAM all day today. I will be on and off if you would like to be at an airport that’s is professional and organized then go to EHAM. Hope to see you there. Happy flying👍👍

All day? Wow that’s crazy, shame I can’t come…

You can’t make it? Why?

My callsign is Croatia 1.

  1. If I request take off clearance - remaining in the pattern, you don’t need to ask me for intensions when I am on rigt downwind, you should know that my intension is to do touch & goes.
  2. If I report my position that I am on right downwind, TOUCH AND GO, you should clear me for option, not for landing.
  3. When you changing runway, you must give me new pattern instruction, then clear me for option.
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Ok I got you. Will do!!

Check these if you need more help;


What is your call sign?

I can’t fly at the moment - I was just showing you the post so you get more solid information :)

Ok!! Message me when you will be flying again.

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