Atc @ EHAM 202200ZFEB17

Hey guys! Since there are very little people at EHAM I will be an ground and tower there tonight. PM me if your interested. It will be professional and organized as it will be more fun and interesting. You can find it in TS1. Thanks everyone. Happy flying🛫🛬

Professional and TS1 should not be in the same sentence. Just sayin’


What about casual @Antonio_D_Andrea_201

There’s no atc in casual

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Casual doesn’t offer ATC services

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Ok then we will do it on TS1 then

Yes. I would like to have more than 5 people

I’m in for some pattern work.

Ok you can take off from any ai

You guys can take off from any airport in the region just make sure to land at EHAM

I’m going there now. See everybody at EHAM!! Happy flying🛫🛬

R u saving an ATC for me

There needs to be more people. There is just one person who is doing a TAG

There is a lack of participation get as many people as we can please.

image you just missed him☺️

That’s one person there were two others

I’ll come after I land

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Everybody join now. I’m in there

Are you kidding @Antonio_D_Andrea_201 ? You asked for people to come and you stayed in the tower for about 3 minutes. I did 1 t&g with no instructions what so ever and then you leave because you didn’t have enough planes in the air. Watch the tutorials and learn the procedures. @cleipelt used to do alot of pattern work on TS1 before moving to Expert and now he’s one of the best. There are a lot of people that want to help you move up and improve your skills, but you can leave us hanging like that.

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I should have known! LOL!

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