ATC @ EGNX East Midlands (TS1) [CLOSED]

I will be running frequent operations in the evenings from EGNX (East Midlands Airport), I’ll open/ close the title to indicate when I am open, everybody of all levels welcome! Can offer feedback to pilots if desired, and of course criticism of me, more than welcomed, after all, we’re in the training server to learn!

Estimated times 22:00Z-00:00Z, any day.

Expect to be online today, and tomorrow (Monday 15th January), please do come along!


I have spawned in as ‘Speedbird 427’

Spawning in M8,Delta 999

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BTW,you spelled the ICAO wrong.(EGNX)

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Spawning as Speedbird 9949.

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Some advice @Charlie_Joe_Walton, if I say that I am on ‘Left Downwind RWY 09, Full Stop , that means that I am inbound for LANDING (that’s what Full Stop means) and so you should clear me to land and not the option, if you are unsure clear for the option but don’t say left or right traffic, that way they can do whatever they want.

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It really doesn’t matter. If he clears you for the option, then after you say you’re on full stop, he doesn’t have to clear you again to land. Cleared for the Option = Full Stop or Touch & Go. But if you say you’re on full stop before he clears you, it’s the controllers choice.

They don’t do whatever they want. When they takeoff for the first time and request “Remaining in the Pattern”, they tell you left or right traffic. Even if they don’t tell you which traffic to use in future clearances, you always use the last known one that they told you.

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Thank you, I misunderstood it to mean stop and go, will make sure to note that for the future! Thank you for using the airport!

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Many thanks to everyone who came along! Was a pleasure to control, hope to see you again! If you have any praise, advice, or criticism of my controlling, please do leave it below, I’m here to improve my controlling!

Thank you,

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You could maybe have a go with sequencing? When flying pattern work it’s always nice to know the controller has a plan for you, rather than leaving you on downwind to make the call yourself.

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Thank you for the advise. I do try and sequence why necessary, for example, had two aircraft come in simultaneously shortly after you came, in which I had to ask one to extend downwind, and the other to turn base. It can depend on all kinds of things as to why I don’t if I don’t but if that’s what pilots want from ATC, I’m certainly happy to offer it?

I always do with pattern work (unless the aircraft beat me to it 😂)

OPEN tonight and expecting open tomorrow.

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