Atc @ egll

Just wanted to make this aware.
I was given the clearance to land number 1 for 09R
As I started to turn base tower told me to extend my base, there was no way to respond unable so I responded that I was on base.
I then was told that I wasn’t given clearance to land!? I am an IFR rated pilot and was just a bit confused by this lol


It looks like your flying on the training server. Cant do much about that sorry.

To add, the Training Server is accessible by many Infinite Flight users who may not be experienced with the ATC side of things. Training Server is a server where all (up to requirement) users can feel the waters of ATC communication within Infinite Flight. With this in mind, having a large spectrum of users with and without the knowledge of ATC procedures and the workings of IF this early on, it is expected that there will be some unprofessional controlling and some slight inconveniences. The good news is that there is a step up from the Training Server. The Expert Server is the server where all users accessing the ATC function of Infinite Flight have taken a written and practical test on the procedures and usage of ATC communication on Infinite Flight and are monitored closely to ensure that the controllers on the Expert Server can provide expert and professional controlling. So in other words, they are well qualified and monitored to be controlling the Expert Server skies. Keep working up for the Expert Server requirements and this inconvenience won’t come up. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask! Cheers and welcome to the Infinite Flight forum!


In training server, nothing can be ignored! how the server name says it, it’s for training! If you don’t want to have problems with the drivers! We invite you to fly on the Expert server, and if it is not G3 due to any infraction, then you just have to wait! and you will be able to fly again in the Expert server, but if it is not yet G3 because it has hours or something like that! Good luck! We look forward to seeing you on the Expert server! :)

first of all welcome to the community. Sadly while TS is a great place for learning and gaining knowledge plus experience, you will get those who dont take it very serious. If you want a true experience with true atc who have done exams on controlling, it is best to work up to ES. It is a tough but fair server but well worth it.

welcome to the community



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