Atc egll training

Hello Everyone. I am setting off for 12 hours controlling at Heathrow on tower.
Please make my life easier and follow some quick runway and general rules.
Landing Runway 27L
Departing Runway 27R

Traffic Patterns will be done up to 3 hours into my shift (21:02BST) You can request but I’ll probably be too tired. The full traffic pattern will be at 5 aircrafts.

If your ground, please get aircraft to taxi to 27R, and approach, please get them to go to 27L, if you don’t, expect delays. RUNWAY 09R/L WILL NOT BE IN USE. You will be denied clearance to use it if you try.

I don’t say make a 360/go around because it’s funny, I do it because I need to, so please make my night and morning easier by following my instructions.

So after clearing that up I hope you can come visit me! Thanks.


If your on training server, good luck. Trolls are always going to be at a big airport like Heathrow

Regardless, I hope you have a good session. Also welcome to the forum!



For ATC Training on Training Server, there will be many trolls in these big airports like EGLL, KLAX, KJFK etc. I highly suggest you not opening EGLL for the purpose to training. You can open a tracking thread on the forum, and head to some small airports like KSJC, KFAT etc.

I have linked a nice tutorial for creating ATC Tracking thread below, hope this could help you


I’ve already done 6 hours here. I’m ready. But thanks.

Oof, as others mentioned: this is going to be tough. Best of luck.

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You’re going to need some serious therapy after this…

Good luck!


Good luck with that 😂


Hopefully I’ll earn your respect if u do it.

Good luck 👍

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Feedback G-YZJT:

Pattern work-

  • [19:57:29] good to use “Line up and wait”.

  • [19:59:22] no initial direction given in takeoff clearance.

  • [20.02.21] I’m on 27L’s pattern Downwind, but you cleared me 27R. If you want to change my runway, you have to give me a new pattern entry.

  • [20:06:00] after touch and go on 27R, I requested change runway to 27L. But you gave me 27L clearance directly on 27R Upwind. You have to give me a new pattern entry also, and gave clearance on Upwind was too early. Give clearance on Base would be better, or on Downwind if traffic is lovely.

  • [20:09:21] runway exit command was perfect (around 70kts).

It seems like you are lack of basic knowledge of Pattern Work, and traffic at Heathrow is not suitable for beginners. I highly suggest you to read IFATC manual carefully before tower training.

Thank you for your service!


I was trying to work around everyone. It was busy and you kept changing runway despite the Fact people were waiting and it was busy, also I stated only one runway is in use. If you had said your going for traffic patterns I would’ve given you directions.

It was busy at the time. Come back as it’s not busy and I’ll do some proper traffic patterns

Thanks for dropping by anyway 😁

No worries at all 🥂

I requested take off in pattern so you should notice that I’ll do pattern works. And I just requested change runway only once because I want to clear whether you know how to give a proper pattern entry.

I don’t mean to disturb your normal work at all, just assumed that you know how to work with parallel runways…

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Ah my mistake didn’t think you had. No it’s fine I was just trying to satisfy everyone. 🍿

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Hi there! thanks for the service on EGLL, I’ll give my feedback soon via PM :D

Have a great one!

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Best of luck will. You have in you to become a amazing controller. sad that i could not step by as im doing EGLL-KLAX on the ES. Il let you know on Facebook when im around and tower is open. We could control together also. ground/tower. From the replies you got, the guys are quite happy with your performance, a very good sign. See you around will!


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You already have my respect for attempting to do such a. Daring thing

7 hours 25 mins to go!

6hrs 25* sorry

Hopefully. Yeh just text me on fb whenever and we can sure fly!

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