ATC | EGLL now Closed

Give me some feedback please!!

i am not the tower only ground

Ok ts 1


🤔 that’s an odd one. Well whatever floats your boat I guess.


What’s an odd one? How I am only ground?

On Training Server it can be a challenge to do only ground as you usually cannot coordinate with Tower.
For the IFATC test you’ll need to control both at a small airport with 2 parralel runways. EGLL can get a lot of traffic, and it can be a difficult to coordinate.

My feedback:
Quick response on pushback request, you directed me to the correct (nearest) active runway despite my request to go to the other runway. Kudo’s for that!
Later I requested to cross the active runway, and that is where it got challenging. You had an aircraft ready for departure, but you cleared me to cross. You caught the mistake and told me to hold position. After that you cleared me again with an incoming flight.

Despite this good controlling. Do try to take tower and ground on your next attempt, ask for testers here and you’ll get valuable feedback!

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Thankyou! Yes, I did not get tower too because I just chose a random airport and EGLL tower was not open. Yes I did see my last mistake with clearance and I said I was sorry! Thankyou for the respectful advice! Cheers! 😊😃

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