ATC Egll night

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ATC are very good and thank tout for your job. But sometime, ATC speak ordre contradictoire. Many order speed and contradictory. Immédiately after ATC speack : " I’am sorry". But with ordre, my plane scrash or notification violation in the simulator. Egll is problématique sometimes.
In France, in flight, sometimes is the night and visibility is limited for pilot. For landing ATC formation for this, contrôle in the roulage etc…
However, thank you for global ATC.😘

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I believe you were disconnected from the live server because you were not following ATC instructions.
This will happen when you ignore them just make sure to follow what they ask you to do and this should not be an issue.

Au revoir, WCA

Hello @Anne_Darbes, was this on the expert or training server?

No deconnected. Juste problème communication 🙂 serveur formation

On the training server controllers are not trained and tested, so they will not know how to handle these types of situations. It is expected that you will experience confusing and incorrect instructions.

On the expert server the controllers are trained and tested so your experience will be better but flying on the training server always can be fun!


It may be easier in the future to post in the #support:francais section as you won’t have to speak much english!

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OK :) merci

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