ATC EGLL- a lot more training needed

Good evening from SEA,

the screenshots i made should speak for themselves. Not that i had to perform 4 go around
due to traffic on the act. runway, landing clearance not given until 200 ft also rwy was clear- they just forgot me.
Best was the disaster of giving me instructions to (Air India 201) line up and wait, also there was an aircraft on the runway blocking the runway, then calling the other Air India B787s to also line up and wait, so with all planes on the runway tower gave landing clearance to incoming traffic on short final-if i remember right not only once.

I do not comment because it is a training server but whoever was in charge that day, should maybe
not control an airport like EGLL at rush hour, better start slow and low.


Heya buddy

As you’ve said yourself… It’s the training server. Anyone has access to become ATC on training server, and sadly the vast majority of them are not trained in anything more than basic command’s, and don’t understand spacing and sequencing.
EGLL TS1 isn’t exactly the best place to train either as it’s a hotspot for new pilots. You come to expect this kind of behaviour after a while, and there’s really nothing that can be done besides flying on either the casual or expert servers.
And you shouldn’t really expect top notch service from anyone that calls themselves Planey McPlaneFace… 🙄


sorry about your bad experience, if you are look for a safe realistic airspace to test your approach and pattern skills I suggest you try join one of my sessions at HKJK Nairobi, Kenya I offer realistic control and vectors and I fly these routes on my flights as a pilot in the region. I am current live at hkjk 10/10/18 8:20Z to 8:55Z Times are subject to change according to volume of traffic. Please read my notam on the airport on my page.

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I think this kind of stuff is best fed back constructively via a PM to the controller - there isnt really any need for a public shaming

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Try and push for Grade 3, the ATC there is much more professional.


Training server on EGLL is as good as casual with ATC. That’s the only difference. I’ve seen the chaos myself as a controller there. The grade 1 pilots that can’t access training probably have better flying skills and ATC knowledge than those who can access training.

You’d probably be better off playing on casual as there’s fewer ppl there, unless you must have ATC services.

There’s no such thing as rush hour there, it’s rush hour 24/7. KLAX too…

It’s the training server, enough said

If you want to fly pattern or fly out with trained ATC, then ATCEG (ATC Education Group) will work. ATCEG do on Training Server and we do control on feature airport most of time. EGLL and other like KLAX is so busy that there will be alway untrained ATC. If you are Grade 3, go to featured airport.

Look, I suck at ATC but I at least know for 1 plane on the runway at a time. It is very possible that this may be an under-10 kid playing with a family members device. Did you see their username? Try and contact them on the forum.

I think that FDS should implement a minimum sort of training scheme at least on the popular TS1 airports if people are going to control on them. understandable its the training server but it also would give realism to those controlling and those flying, maybe not to the full strict standard of the Expert server but I hope you all understand what im trying to say here

@James_Lang there are a number of requests in #features aimed at various options in regards to the training server. Most, if not all of them, require a level of overhead that is not possible at this time or has gaps in which users can work around the system.

We value everyone’s goal to make the training server a more pleasant environment. Since it is where people go to train the experience can vary from controller to controller. As stated before if you can find them in the forum you are welcome to send them a PM and direct them to some tutorials or provide them constructive feedback.

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Ye that’s a Good idea chris I will be taking a note of their names in future and pointing them in the right direction. Cheers mate

I feel like there’s a better way to address this instead of an implied put down. Perhaps person now feels discouraged because they might feel they’ve let down a member of the community. Maybe we could help people who need it. This is just a flight sim after all. There’s plenty of other important problems out in the world.

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We appreciate the desire to improve the training server. Currently it is where people go to train so perfection is not expected. People are learning so public shaming is not the best. If they are on the community please PM them directly. Keep in mind that not every user is part of the community so not everyone can be found.

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