ATC @ EGLC TS1 Closed

ATC at London City now closed on TS1.

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I will be there in ten minutes.

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Spawning in! Lets see how good you are.

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Spawning and doing some touch and goes.

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same dude. I am also going to do like 8 or 9 touch and goes.

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One negative here to start off:

You cleared me for takeoff when a plane was on final. I was not even off the runway by the time he landed.

Also I am not sending an unnecessary report! It is normal for a plane to inform everyone that they are on final/downwind.

Don’t comment if you’re not sure on proper procedures. Sending a report during every leg of the pattern is pointless. We can see where you are on the radar. If you want to change your mind and announce a full stop, then by all means, do so.


Thanks for coming; the aircraft on final just appeared out of nowhere and had no clearance whatsoever. Sorry about that.

Have a good day.

Thank you for coming.

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