ATC Education Group

Are you interested in becoming a member of the ATC Education Group? I am looking for mature and professional training server and/or IFATC controllers that are willing and able to help other aspiring controllers learn and improve!

I believe the training server would benefit more from this. It could use some organization, training opportunities, and spark to encourage a little more activity together. - Tyler Shelton


  • ATC Tracking Thread (training server controllers only)
  • Must contact or be in contact with an IFATC trainer
  • Grade 3 or higher
  • Low violation to landing ratio
  • 3 ghostings all time
  • At least 200 operations
  • Aspires to become an IFATC member, if you are not one already
  • Valid email address

If you do not have an ATC Tracking Thread please follow the following steps to create one:

  1. Go to ATC.
  2. Create a post and use the following format for the title of the post: insert username ATC Tracking Thread (Closed).
  3. Follow the format already readily used to update your thread when you open and close.

Example of an ATC Tracking Thread:

The Application Process

First, you would contact me with the following information:

  • Link to your ATC Tracking Thread (training server controllers only)
  • Screenshot of your ATC operation count
  • Screenshot or your entire Grade Table
  • Valid email address

If you have followed all of the above steps I will then give you a questionnaire to fill out and I will go over said information.

If you are an active IFATC member or a training server controller the application process is the same, the only difference is that the questions on the questionnaire are different.

I have checked with Tyler Shelton, members of the IFATC are allowed to join.

Manager: @Trio

  • Grade 4, 244,659XP+, 239hrs+ flight time
  • IFATC Officer
  • 31,066+ operations
  • 21 years old
  • 64 violations, 0 ghostings
  • Associated with the Infinite Flight Aviation Experts (IFAE)

Expert and Training Server Events: We create weekly events to help create oppurtunities for feedback and learning for aspiring controllers. They have proven to be very beneficial and have expedited the controllers learning process.

Internal Training Server Controller Sessions: We use a channel on our slack workplace for you to post when and where you are open and comminicate with those you are controlling and tagging with. This can help you practice communication and provides other members a way to know where and when you open so they can provide feedback.


  • Project Manager: @Cbro4 - Saturday Night Patterns

Member Operations Leaderboard

Name | Operations
— | — | — | — | — | — | —
@Trio | 31,066 (IFATC Officer)
@Panther | 29,660 (IFATC Specialist)
@Jan_Sd | 19,313 (IFATC Officer)
@Adam_Williams | 15,491 (IFATC Specialist)
@Balloonchaser | 13,105
@Chief305 | 12,170 (IFATC Officer)
@Thomas_G | 8,823 (IFATC Specialist)
@Boodz_G | 7,374
@Ieuan_Evans | 7,079 (IFATC Specialist)
@Captain_Zen | 6,576 (IFATC Officer)
@Gliding_Central | 6,642
@Sammy_Droubi | 4,414 (IFATC Specialist)
@Matthew_Chan | 4,330 (IFATC Specialist)
@angrybird | 3,879 (IFATC Apprentice)
@Josh | 3,277 (IFATC Specialist)
@Kevinsoto1502 | 3,018
@CaptainAaron | 2,828 (IFATC Specialist)
@Infinite_Flyer | 2,539
@Artem_F | 2,513 (IFATC Specialist)
@Aquila | 2,340 (IFATC Specialist)
@Ray_Wang | 2,339
@anon97848036 | 2,124 (IFATC Specialist)
@Thabet_M_Tamim | 2,196
@Clouds | 2,071
@FDemon | 1,875
@Trevor_A | 1,336
@William_Armstrong | 1,300 (IFATC Specialist)
@anon70624511 | 1,209
@lucaviness | 975
@William_Chin | 862
@Cbro4 | 831
@SlimeFlyer | 830
@indraniel | 819
@Scotty | 803
@Royce | 758
@crxmson | 645
@ADDY28 | 606
@Diederick | 594
@LachyRobertson | 572 (IFATC Apprentice)
@ItzEhs | 510
@bobo2345 | 430
@JDupree | 279
@CaptAC | 224

Last updated 19 May 2018. Each individual member is held responsible if they are unable to provide accurate personal information.


All members are subject to punishment and will be judged on a case by case basis. Behavior contrary to our standards is grounds for immediate removal.

  1. Profanity, racist, or homophobic language will not be tolerated.
  2. All members must remain professional and mature on any public or private medium.
  3. If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable by any ATCEG member or think another ATCEG member is becoming problematic please fill out this form:;amp;entry.183333400&entry.461617461&entry.630806965&entry.1758143810&entry.840701955&entry.1771471739&entry.1740084759&entry.298511799&entry.770705782
  4. Only IFATC approach trainees will be permitted to control approach and/or departure, with some expections.
  5. Only managers and staff members are allowed to give updates on behalf of the ATC Education Group.
  6. You must message a staff member if you are going to be "out” for the week.
  7. Each member must control or fly in an ATC Education Group event, group flight, etc. at least once a month.
  8. All events will be tested with our team before posting the event idea on the communty forum.

Plane & Pilot

Plane & Pilot is an IFVARB approved organization that has created high-quality, well-organized events for Infinite Flight since they were founded in December 2016. They offer a wide variety of unique events that range from VA promotions to aerobatics competitions. They strive to make sure their events are fully unique and enjoyable, and spend up to 2 weeks planning each one. We will be providing ATC for all of Plane & Pilot’s training and expert server events.

Contact @PlaneCrazy to join Plane & Pilot.

Disclaimer: If you attend an event with ATC brought to you by the ATC Education Group keep in mind, as I stated, the majority of our air traffic controllers are actively learning, but competent so if you are not happy with the service provided, please message the controller on the forum. If you can’t find the person’s name message me and I’ll relay the feedback. We want your feedback!

IFVARB and moderator approved.


Very nice! Great formating:)

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Active Events

We do not have any active events, stay tuned to our social media accounts for more details. Twitter, Instagram

This post will be updated regularly.

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One of our members (@Clouds) thought that it may be beneficial that we show each members’ operation count, so I added a leaderboard. Enjoy! 🙂


What do you mean my active tracking ATC Thread? Should I Creat a post? Help

Yes, create a thread in ATC if you haven’t already. This is an example of what your post should look like.

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It’s closed, is their another topic like that?

Go to #atc, there is a few other examples. I closed mine because I became IFATC. :)

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That’s done, check out my thread in ATC. Can I register now? :)

I saw, very nice, yes you can. One of the better layouts I’ve seen. 🙂

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Introducting, the ATCEG YouTube channel!

We are in the beginning stages of starting up are very own YouTube channel, I just posted our first video today. Check it out, it’s a timelaps of an approach session at NZAA (not from yesterday).

What will you be posting?

At this point for the time being we will be posting IFATC sessions only. The controllers you see will be kept anonymous because one of the major reasons why you don’t see many IFATC sessions when you search on YouTube is because it leaves them up to major criticism.

We wanted to offer an outlet to said IFATC members where they can post their sessions for educational purposes, to help other ATC controllers see what it’s like to controll a certain frequency on the expert server first hand from the controllers’ point of view. I myself am a very visual person so seeing someone “live” can be very beneficial.

Only ATCEG members will be able to post on our channel. Read the main post for more information on how to join, if you have any questions feel free to message me.

Have a nice day and subscribe for more videos like the one linked above!

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Providing ATC events on the expert server!

This is from the “A Huge Airport Event @ EGLL“ event, we had all four frequencies serviced.


Thank you so much for all of your support, without you, I could’ve never gotten ATC controllers at my event.

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We do not service other non-ATCEG events, but when someone gets that many people to sign up we’ll make an exception and help out. Great event @Georges180305!


Hello everyone!

I have updated our staff structure to better reflect our specific roles and what we do. So here is the setup.

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Project Manager

I’m the manager of the ATC Event Group, I will be overseeing and controlling all things pertaining to the group. If you want to join the ATC Event Group message me, but please read through the entire main post before doing so.

I will be looking to fill the supervisor role(s) but currently it’s not needed. I would like to keep the staff team as small as possible because I feel that large staff teams just slow down the workflow and decision making process.

Then @Cbro4 is a Project Manager, he will have the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of specific projects such as Saturday Night Patterns, for example.

If we have any other new changes to our staff I will update you. Have a nice day!

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Similar to the post above, to better reflect what we do and due to a recent growing demand in the community for opportunities for education and training when it comes to being an ATC, I have decided to change our name. We will now be known as the ATC Education Group; creating opportunities for aspiring Infinite Flight ATC.

We have built up a pretty solid little community, 43+ like minded people who want to help each other improve! Provide feedback, never stop learning, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Have a nice day, and go control!


New thread here ;)