ATC Education Group Workshop AMA with Tyler Shelton

Yesterday, we had an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with @Tyler_Shelton. All of the members of our Workshop got the opportunity to ask Tyler questions. You can read the full AMA, I kept in all of the questions.

Most notably we talked about the possibility in the future of an implementation of clearance delivery and a push to talk feature for ATC. Along with that we had some great discussions about careers in the aviation industry and what it’s like controlling in the real world.

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A very interesting read @Trio. A very large variety of questions. @Tyler_Shelton you said your busy. How did you have time to answer all of them I did a TLDR ☺️

Thank you @Tyler_Shelton for all of the questions you answered yesterday:)

I first downloaded and deleted just a few days later after being so frustrated by the B747 landing mission

Good old times…!

Very interesting indeed. Thank you, Tyler for taking time for that. It’s fascinating to see your viewpoint on Infinite Flight ATC and of course to learn more about yourself.

All the best to you!

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