ATC Education Group Workshop AMA with Misha Camp Invite • 11 January 2020

2020-01-11T23:00:00Z the ATC Education Group Workshop will be hosting an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with @MishaCamp.

He is an Infinite Flight staff member in charge of Social Media and Community Management.

For 1 hour, our Workshop community will have the opportunity to ask him Infinite Flight and aviation related questions in the #AMA discussion channel in Slack.

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I’m sure this AMA will be quite uniqecorn!


That was very unicecorny of you @Marc, but I’m a fan.

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Very interesting. Thanks for this Trio. Do you think Misha is embarrassed over this old picture 😛

This is definitely a close first in front of the other one he sent, but no.

This will be fun! Can’t wait to ask him why unicorn. I will be looking forward!

That can be easily answered ;)

Why, you ask? Because he is totally 👇



It’s not that old!


How do I join the slack? The link didn’t seem to work, and I’m interested!

Join here:

The link I think you clicked on will only work if you’re already part of the Slack.

It’s not letting me in… I’ll try again in a bit.

Thanks for the link!

I’ll message you, it shouldn’t be doing that obviously.

The AMA is today so you still have time to sign up!


Side note. I won’t be able to accept your application until you confirm your email by clicking a button on the confirmation email. Thanks!

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