ATC Education Group Workshop AMA with DeerCrusher Invitation

2019-11-09T23:00:00Z the ATC Education Group Workshop will be hosting an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with @DeerCrusher.

He is an Infinite Flight Moderator and ATC Supervisor, Commercial Single/Multi Engine Certificate, currently flying the Cessna 208EX Grand Caravan for a Part 135 company.

For 1 hour, our Workshop community will have the opportunity to ask our Deer aviation related questions in the #AMA discussion channel in Slack.

Join our Workshop today, if you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Sign up here!


A face revive?! Woah


You haven’t see his face 😯🤦‍♂️

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Oh I thought he looked like this:


Oh well

Hope you guys all get the answers you’re looking for.


AMA is tonight, last chance to join. Sign up here!

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We will not be discussing butter either. 🙂

or will we?


Or will we?

„Vsauce, Matt here.“

I probably won’t be able to stay awake for another 40 minutes 😴 Have fun! 😃


Good thing is, we allow people to ask their questions in Slack, in advance. ;)

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I can’t miss this.

PS: Signed up! Can’t wait.

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Got you covered, fam.

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Really enjoyed reading this interview. A sense of what I didn’t get from the interview is how the DeerCrusher balances work, infinite flight and life. I would have loved to have been a pilot myself but I am too old to change career now, and I enjoy my rich social life too much I think. Having said that, my work colleague Dr. John Kenning has been training for the last few years as a pilot and is now first officer for Jet2. He managed juggling being a parent, a full time scientist, a husband and student pilot. He comes to work now once a week as a volunteer now (to keep up his registration). He is incredibly boring.


Hey Michael! There were actually so many questions that were asked I don’t believe all of them made it to the published interview, but the “balance” question was asked. Below was my response:

That being said, I’m able to balance my life as a moderator between IFATC, the IFC and my own personal life quite well. IFATC tends to take care of itself… most of the times. We’ll have a moment where all hell breaks loose for a few minutes but then it stops. That stuff is ok for the most part. I try to check in with the other mods once a day if I’m working. Generally, I’ll check slack before or after work to make sure I haven’t missed anything important. Being just one of many moderators, we all work as a team. When someone is out and busy with work, family, or other matters that aren’t related to moderating duties, the other moderators are there to assist in helping out with the community. Very rarely we have a hole in the fence. So far Infinite Flight and the things that I do with the communities hasn’t had an impact on my work/hobby/job/career. The plan is to keep it like that. hahaha.

Long story short. I’m able to find the time and put Infinite Flight, IFATC and the IFC in my already busy schedule. In otherwords, I don’t get to lose out on going on random trips, and doing things that I love to do outside of Infinite Flight related activities as much as it may appear.

I hope that clarifies any confusion/misunderstandings. 🙂


Missed that bit of the interview clearly. So you find the time to do everything and you’re not celibate… There is hope for me yet (jokes). Best wishes

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