ATC Education Group Weekly • 8-14 October 2019


This week, I covered several topics on, here’s a recap of all the posts from this week. Click the link to read the post, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


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I will be on final to give them a look.

Interesting time to read but I’m not complaining.

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You can read whenever you want.

Hi Im a little curious how some ATC are able to change runway operations like the red and green indicated on the map? Are only IF certified controller are able to do that?

The red and green runways are determined by wind, not the controller. It’s the controller’s discretion on what runways to use (although we follow the winds if possible).

Yeah but how come there was one instance where a IF atc broadcast a “runway change in progress” and then it when from all green on all sides of the runway to just one sides? Any IFATC can weigh in this? Just rlly curious

As controllers, we can switch the direction of the runways we’re using, if the wind is favoring the other direction. Here’s a post by Chris on how the red/green runways are determined:

In your case, I assume that the controller noticed the change in wind direction/speed and decided to change runways, which can be explained by the runways going from all green to green and red. We are unable to change the colors of the runways ourselves.

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We look at the TAF while controlling which is a forecast for future weather, so we’ll sometimes base things off of that. Runway changes can take a long time to go into affect as well. Also, the METAR can update for some before it updates for others so that may be why.

They should update ATIS if they’re changing runways, so when they tell you to check the ATIS, it should have the updated wind information they have.


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