ATC Education Group: Tutorial Series - Straight Out Departures @ LGAV - 042000ZJAN18

When you want to perform a straight out departures, you should do the following:

  • Ask/announce takeoff departing straight out.
  • A straight out departure typically means you stay within the limits of ±15 degrees heading from the centre line of the runway. So if you depart from runway 27, runway heading will be 270. After takeoff any heading between 255(270-15) and 285(270+15) is a straight out departure.
  • If you receive ATC instructions to change heading please do so, follow all instructions.

We will departing from a parallel runway so please review this tutorial on proper etiquette:

If you have any questions please leave them below! If ATIS does not include the instruction that you must depart straight out, then just try it anyway for fun.

  • Aircraft and Livery: 737 BBJ Infinite Flight
  • Route: LGAV-LIRF, view FPL details here.
  • Gates: Spawn on the North Apron, specific gate is at your discretion.
  • Spacing: 10nm
  • Estimated Time of Departure: 2000Z
  • Server: Expert

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Great tutorial @Trio! Another that the community needs to focus on!

When in a busy airspace, make sure to check atis for if a straight out departure is required, a place like FNF is MOST likely going to have it required. Don’t get reported for not reviewing ATIS and a straight out departure!


30 minutes till pushback!


Gonna tag along for this one. See ya at the gate

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Pushing in 5 minutes, spawn in now if you’re tagging along!




Fun flight! See you next week!

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Thanks @trio and everyone else who joined in.

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