ATC Education Group: Tutorial of the Week - Approach Type Clearances - 070600JAN19

When flying into an airport, you can ask for an ILS/GPS approach, visual approach, flight following, or radar vectors. But do you know why you recieve the instructions you receive? Here is a simple table to explain what IFATC controllers are trained to respond with:

Approach Type Pattern Entry Sequencing Clearance
Radar Vectors Yes If Req Yes
Flight Following Yes If Req Yes
Visual No If Req Yes

If the airport is busy then it is highly recommended that you ask for an ILS/GPS approach as to lighten the approach controllers’ workload.

Maybe fly an approach you’ve never tried and listen for how ATC responds. If you receive a check help or please follow instructions feel free to ask why below!

For more info, check out this tutorial:

To particapte simply reply below with a screenshot of your ATC log to show off how well you know how to communicate with ATC. Hope you enjoy and have a fun week!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any
  • Arrival Airport: Any
  • Event Begins: 0600Z, 7 January, 2018
  • Event Ends: 0600Z, 13 January, 2018
  • Server: Expert

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This is my approach into KDFW, I requested an ILS approach

This is how ATC responded

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It’s the communication with Tower that you want to be looking for, but thank you for participating and sending in your screenshots! 🙂

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