ATC Education Group - Refocusing


When I created this group over 1 year ago, I wanted to create a place for aspiring Infinite Flight ATC to meet and control together, and have a sense of community. That dream was realized a long time ago as we have grown into Infinite Flight’s most recognizable and accomplished training server group, through the training oppurtunites we created.

All that being said, I’d like to refocus our efforts though as I don’t feel it’s worth the time and resources for the group to be run the way it’s currently run as the need for the services we provide becomes lower as time passes. For that reason I’ll be closing down our practical and theory help portion of our group.

If you’d like further training, please contact the official IFATC training team via a request form:
ATC Training

On a positive note, we will be continuing to look for new and different ways to help educate those who are new to interacting with ATC and will continue to help further educatute the community through the ATC Education Group social media pages on Twitter and Instagram, events and with my personal work with the IFATC and it’s training team.

This isn’t the end to the group, this is just another chapter/evolution of the group, as we have gone through many in the past.

I’d like to thank the administrators past and previous, @Tyler_Shelton for his guidance and support throughout the past year, the IFATC members/trainers/recruiters who volunteered all their time and guidance, and of course all the training controllers.


Thank you for your efforts and time you have put in


You are welcome! :)

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