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Hello ATC Community,

After doing an interview with two of the IFATC’s newest controllers @Flying_Pencil and @Edivan_dcds, to get a better sense of what it’s like to train, test and join the IFATC today, I thought it would be a good idea to get some answers from the other side, the IFATC recruiters. @anon66442947 and @Brandon_Sandstrom were nice enough to agree to answer some of mine and possibly your questions, so I need your help.

Now, I have a few in my mind but if you have any questions as someone going through the process to become IFATC, thinking about joining and want to learn more, or are just curious as to what a recruiter does, this would be a good opportunity for you.

Edit: Thank you all for your questions!


I was just reading this. I’m applying for IFATC and this is a good interview.


I’m waiting for my practical.
What advice would you give to someone who is taking practical to don’t stress?
Why have you been IFATC at the first place? For how long you have been IFATC?

And I hope it goes well!

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I forgotten my question : How can you know our grade and XP, violations… It’s a database or a sort of software? (When contacting a recruiter, he can check your stats)

Thank you

How does one get promoted to IFATC specialist? In this done by seeing an Apprentice’s work? Or simply by being ATC for a while?

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I will be requesting to be IFATC

@Flying_Pencil - The questions are for another interview with Tom and Brandon, don’t answer the questions. :)

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Facepalm moment 2019, wanted to help hehe


@Brandon_Sandstrom What’s your next goal after obtaining PPL? Do you like flying part of IF or ATC?

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Here’s the Q&A, thank you all for your questions!


I’m applying for been IFATC here on IF!


Good luck!

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Such a good interview!
Good questions, good answers…

You know?
“Good answers, make good people and good learners”


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