ATC Education Group: IFATC Approach and Departure Time-Lapse @ VHXX

A few weeks ago, me and a few other controllers worked together as a team to manage the mass amount of inbounds into Kai Tak. Was really a fun experience and I hope you can learn something new, or just be entertained by this time-lapse I made of my session. Enjoy!


Great video! Also great controlling by you guys🤙

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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I find how cool it is if you high speed scrub with your finger to see a super fast time lapse of it very cool to see this time lapse in general

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Bit of fast forward editing by @DGGR will do the trick. ;)

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Great video Trio!👏👏

Thank you, was fun to make!

Awesome video. Also helps pilots understand/view controlling. Gives them another perspective.

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Definitely, I was pretty focused on my section in the moment so I learned a few things just watching what initial was doing in the replay.

You guys make it look easy. Awesome job Kyle, Ethan and Gary!

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Super rad watching it. Very interesting and entertaining to watch all the aircraft in the airspace move around so much without hitting another aircraft. It’s actually satisfying. 😝

That’s the fun part of being an approach controller. I would love to do it considering I like satisfying puzzles like these. The only problem is, I have a keen affection for perfection. I don’t like messing up.

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Perfection is subjective depending on what the goal is, efficiency is the most important thing. Messing up is inevitable and happens. Thanks guys for the kind words!


I wrote a post on the efficiency of both strategies, for anyone that’s interested.