ATC Education Group Formation Flight into #IFOSH19 - 211700ZJUL19


Server: Casual
Airport: KSUX
Destination: KOSH
Altitude: 7,000ft
Speed: 2500 RPM
ETD: 2019-07-21T17:00:00Z
ETE: 3h33m

If you follow the ATC Education Group on Instagram, you’d know that I have been making my way to KOSH for this year’s gathering at Oshkosh. Today is the fourth and final leg into #ifosh19 and I’ve invited our audience on the journey, but now I’m invited you. Here’s the plan.

  1. There are no assigned gates, spawn on runway 13 and taxi down to the end of runway 35 for takeoff.
  2. Copy my FPL
  3. Line up and wait on runway 35 for takeoff, 2 by 2.

Plan is to fly single file, IFR, initially to KOSH on FPL, then when we get to the waypoint DLL then we will form up in a V and fly VFR into KOSH, like the banner image.

We will then fly in on the FISKE VFR arrival, please read this NOTAM and any in-app NOTAMs. Hope you can join!


Hi @Trio, quick question.
If it starts at 1700Z, and the flight duration is over 3 hours, doesn’t that mean it will end after the KOSH Arrival event starts?

I wasn’t really planning it around the event, just wanted to arrive at KOSH today.

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Ok, I understand.

@SB110 If my numbers are correct though, according to ForeFlight we will arrive slightly before or after they are arriving, so that will be fun. Hope I’m correct. Just an alternative if you want a longer flight. Should be pretty fun!

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Oh I’m so sorry @Trio, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to this, only the actual KOSH flyin. Thanks though!

Maybe I’ll still see you guys in the airspace while I’m arriving!

No problem, see you then (again, hopefully)!

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Little over 45 minutes till we takeoff.

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Oh I see you on LiveFlight, @Trio! N623KB!

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EDIT: Idk if that link above brings you to @Trio’s flight lol

Yup, spawned in, ready to go!

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Flight of 10+, ready to takeoff. 😎 If you don’t make it for takeoff, feel free to join in along the route.


@Itssherwood03 @AarkonTV starting the formation of the V. Follow the leader (me), VFR.

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I’ll just be in the middle behind you

Form up on the left behind TIAGO.

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And we land together so don’t worry about go arounds unless I call go around. Welcome to the show!



Really nice work! That was really incredible.