ATC Education Group: Controlling five frequencies, an interview with an Infinite Flight ATC Supervisor


Hello ATC community,

Wanted to share this interview I had with @Tim_B, one of the IFATC’s most experienced controllers and an ATC Supervisor, about controlling all the airport’s frequencies, simultaneously. ATIS, Ground, Tower, Approach and Departure. Really is an interesting read for anyone, whether you are new to controlling or are experienced. I took a lot away from it. Enjoy!


Very intersting 👍

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Amazing read! Very interesting and plenty of things to take away from with this.

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I am applying for TSATC, and sometime in the future the busier IFATC…

This requires a cool head, a very cool head and Tim has his in an ice bucket!


This is a super read! As a recently(ish) certified Approach controller, and a regular Specialist (Tower, Ground, ATIS) for close to a full year now, this interview really gave me some pointers from an extremely well-versed controller, and definitely taught me some things. Thanks @Trio for the interview, and thanks @Tim_B for your stellar responses! Definitely some great things in there that I think will help me out.


For me this quote really made me think about the strategies I currently used and how they could be improved.

That just works you up. If you have a plan that works, it should work no matter the traffic volume.

Never let the airspace control you.

I’d love to hear which parts where the most interesting for you?


Fantastic interview. There is somthing from this I will take away to improve my controlling. I am only tower/ground but still one thing sticks in my mind from this. It is I shouldn’t wait to react - reacting means i am already behind. I sometimes wait to see how things are going to pan out when I have a few incoming and then end up with too many arriving at once. Even with limited instructions in the tower I could issue 360s or other instructions sooner rather than having myself in a situation I would rather not have. Thanks for a great interview.


@Michael_O_Sullivan I often find myself doing the same. This interview inspires me to change my mindset while controlling. That’s also why I rely on messages from fellow IFATC like you to always give me advice on things you notice while flying at airports I’m controlling.

I know for sure I fell victim to this a few days ago while @TwinsRock88 and others were flying patterns on 2 different runways. I fell behind and was reacting to everything which resulted in late clearances and a lot of facepalms.

Thanks @Trio for the great read!


Great interview! It really takes experience to be able to control all the frequencies at once! I don’t know how he does it still but I know when he’s controlling he knows what he’s doing and he’s on top of it. Always a pleasure departing or arriving with him controlling.😁

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This is a very important quote to me:

I’m never thinking about now, I’m thinking about where everyone will be 5 minutes from now

In aviation, you should never be in a situation where you need to make a split-second reaction. Having a thorough plan will keep that from happening. As an instructor once told me, “the two most important things in aviation are the next two things.”

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