ATC @ EDDK ~ TS1 Closed

ATC at Cologne (Koln Bonn) now open on TS1.
Please come along

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I was about to join T-T. If I ate my dinner faster…

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It’s funny because I just woke up in the morning. And it’s not event time to get up.

I can reopen now if you want

Sure, I’m free for 30 mins 😊

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Oh wait I can’t do EDDL - someone else opened it? Where do you fancy flying to @SingaporeAirlines and I’ll open it?

Captain Isaac is controlling EDDL Currently =/

Up to you, Perhaps Cologne?

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Kssc is always good, or KFLL

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Cologne is now open! See you there.

Thanks, I’ll bear these in mind for future ATC sessions!

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Try and always do a parallel rwy airport

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Guess I’ll patter around for a bit!

KSEA is a real fun one to do. My personal favorite.


Closed with short notice due to unexpected noobs being a nuisance. Thanks to all those who came and did as they were told 👍.

Thanks alot for your service Huw! EDDK went even more crazier since you left 😂. Glad there was an Approach who helped you in order to manage the traffic

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