ATC EDDK Amsterdam TS1(Closed)

Tower and Ground now open at EDDK, Koeln-bonn. COME FLY

I will come in F22, do you want open feedback?

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Yeah please can I get feedback.

That wasn’t great controlling, unfortunately I crashed lol. I when I was near the A-10 you could’ve told me to Extend Upwind, but other that that you were pretty solid

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Ok thanks man for the feedback and IFATC-Rowdy Kepler, my good friend, is training me to soon become IFATC.

Awesome, you will definitely be an IFATC!

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Rowdy is probably doing a great job, but I would go to these guys first for help with training:

They are much more experienced with ATC procedures in Infinite Flight, and have more experience turning people like you into high performing IFATC members.


I recommend the same people Above you will get better high quality training :-)
IFATC-Rowdy Kepler


Ok i will contact Chris S. Thanks.

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Wait, I just realized I said wasn’t, I meant to say was… I don’t know what happened

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