ATC dropping out again

ATC unstable on TS keeps dropping out


Wdym by dropping out? As in a connection issue or do ATC just leave.


It’s been like that with ATC losing and then reconnecting for a week or two now

Happened several times to me

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Keeps dropping off line

This is becoming unacceptable

Well then let’s hope that a staff member or other person here that knows what’s going on and/or can fix it stops by this topic

We are aware of this and are looking into it.
Weekends are tricky though, especially post-update with everyone being rather exhausted after everything.


Well for that, there’s no minimum time for how long someone has to control for (unlike expert server). It’s very much chaotic on training server since there will probably be multiple people wanting to control busy airports like LAX on the training server, so as 1 hops off (which if they want, they control for however long or short they want), someone else will hop on right away, but there won’t be any coordination or anything (leading to lots of chaotic controller changes).

I doubt that has anything to do with the sever issues, though I guess it could be a possibility that it’s harder for them to control with all the server issues, so they just leave.

I’m encountering the same thing for over at least 2 weeks now on the training server as ATC and pilot on a daily basis.
What is happening:

As a pilot: when ATC is active a constant coming and going of the ATC in question.

As ATC: disappearing/appearing airplanes on radar scope and flightstrips. In the left upper corner, all the active controllers become orange and green again. When this happens and push the status button it seems like no-one is controlling.

After a minute or two everything turns to normal again. For example I am controlling KSAN for one hour at this moment and had already 3 such interruptions… (checked the wifi and is very good and stable)

The only thing I hope this can be fixed soon cause this is VERY annoying and diminishes the game play dramatically!

Yet another day ATC on TS not working without dropping off line, wouldn’t be acceptable on ES

As i said earlier;

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Hey everyone, thanks for your patience and sorry for the issues you’ve experienced recently.

We’ve just pushed an update to the Training Server (and other servers) that improves performance and fixes some bugs, including ATC disconnects. Please try it and let us know if you’re still having issues.

We’ll be monitoring from our end in the meantime and will apply more fixes as we find problems. Thanks!

cc: @Captain_Draco @Stef_Smet @Dalton.DeBusk @anon36731834


Cameron, I just had an ATC session at KSAN from 20:45 till 22:30 UTC and had no issues whatsoever! Great job, Thanks!

Kindest regards,

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Thanks for the update Stef, glad it worked! (and sorry if it was interrupted by a server restart for the update).

Let me know if you have more issues going forward :)


Seems like you have the problem sorted, well done, good job.

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Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it holds up :)
Appreciate your patience the past few weeks


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